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The Somatic Training Network is dedicated to the Investigation, Amalgamation, and Proliferation of Somatic Arts and Practices from around the world. We are proponents of Training to Relax and of bringing together a Somatics Community, which welcomes all disciplines designed to increase Kinesthetic Awareness.

We promote and market touch and movement-based wellness disciplines and practices of all kinds.Somatic Training Network is the first Western organization to incorporate Russian Somatic Martial Arts and military training methods into the world of Somatic bodywork.
What we hear the most after people’s first time with us, is that they had “no idea how much tension I have inside!” Our first goal is to allow you to actually feel the magnitude of accumulated tension you have inside yourself.
Chronic Tension (Excess Tonus) is nothing more than a neurological loop, commanding your muscles to clench, over 120 times per second. We teach you how to remind your unconscious it can choose to let go deeply.
Once the tension is discovered, our second goal is to do something about it…NOW.
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Somatic Convergence Intensives

Somatic Convergence Intensives are exclusive, small-group training with Dan Sykes, Aleksej Sapronov, and top somatic instructors.  

Somatic Convergence Intensives speed up your somatic education and provide techniques you can apply in any situation.

This is an all-inclusive immersion into the serious work of training to release deep tension.

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premier intensive package

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Experience immediate, profound relaxation using somatic techniques you can apply in any situation.
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