Introducing Dan Sykes & Aleksej Sapronov
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Dan Sykes
Dan is an entrepreneur, filmmaker and bodyworker. He is a Systema Bodywork Instructor, certified by Mikhail Ryabko at Systema HQ – Moscow, Russia; as well as a Systema Martial Arts Instructor, Certified by Vladimir Vasiliev at Systema HQ – Toronto, Canada.  Dan’s study of the Feldenkrais Method® and Anatomy Trains® by Tom Meyers led him to the realization that these three disciplines in particular, dovetailed into an extremely efficient and thorough approach to developing Kinesthetic Awareness.
Aleksej Sapronov
Aleksej is one of the top masters of traditional Russian Stick Bodywork. He worked with Systema Master Instructor, Daniil Ryabko for 10 years, performing bodywork on thousands of Systema students attending Ryabko’s seminars in over 30 countries.