Owen’s Story


Owen’s experience was deeply emotional as well as physical.

Initially, I was feeling that pain and I was embracing it, and I felt where I was tense – it was really eye-opening to what’s going on in my body…

I got to the point where I felt kind of like giving up. I could reach pain to a certain threshold but then there were certain trigger areas – he could just squeeze the emotion out of me by just doing that. It was really incredible to have somebody just press on you and have it squeeze that reaction out of me.

I kind of had this euphoric cooldown. …I could slowly feel as I was breathing and emoting…

It was the most relaxed and happiest I have felt recently.

I am so aware of what was happening in my body – way more so than before.

Through having that kind of experience taken away, I feel I have accepted some things about my past just by pressing it out of my muscles with sticks. It sounds crazy but it kind of works!

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